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One could say that I am a painter today because of a breakup, a layoff, a death, and a blind date, but really it’s all about genetics and the gifts of Providence.  Those circumstances may have contributed toward the moment when I found my true hearts expression, but I have only opened the gracious gift that has been given to me.  It is my hearts desire to one day be worthy of the gift.   Through this site I hope to share the creative journey and develop a meaningful visual voice.    


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D. Marshall Elliott


Creativity is an inherited trait through our family line and I represent the fourth generation in a line of artists.  Each generation had to learn their craft, choose their media, and work out how to both create and to eat. 

A formal art education was not something that was available to us growing up, but whenever possible, I would work through books on painting from our library or local book store.  Over the years I began to build creative skills, techniques, and a portfolio of artwork. It was that portfolio that landed me a job with the airlines as a Flight Attendant.

Zoltan Szabo took my art journey into an entirely new direction.  His book “Landscape Painting in Watercolor” left  me with a lifelong love for the medium.   Over the years it has been a passion to continue to learn through the tutelage of hundreds of professional art instructors whose lessons fill the bookshelves of my studio. My husband Tom, with his unfailing support, critiques, and encouragement, has been my partner throughout thirty years, and I am very grateful to say that over time, our daughters, both professional artists, have also joined the ranks of those I claim as "my teachers".

In 1998  I learned more about the professional side of art through membership and participation in the Vienna Art Society. Well run local art organizations not only provide ample opportunities for artists to develop their craft, but also to learn about the business of organizing and participating in workshops, competitions, shows, and events through which individuals and the community as a whole is enriched. 

D. Marshall Elliott is an award-winning artist and is also a member of the American Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society, the Potomac Valley Watercolorists and is a Signature Member of the Virginia Watercolor Society.

Mill on torn paper.jpg



May 2016 | “Old Stone Mill” (pictured above) | Virginia Watercolor Society 36th Annual Exhibition (Mel Staben)

May 2015 | “Water Street Cafe” | Virginia Watercolor Society 35th Annual Show (Mark Mehaffey)

January 2014  | "Pennies From Heaven" | Green Springs Show (Chica Brunswold) | Third Place

November 2013 | 44th Treasury of Art Show (Jack Rasmussen) | Artist of the Year

May 2013 | "Green Springs" | Green Springs Exhibition (F. Lennox Campello) | Second Place

April 2013 | "Muffin Tops & Mojitos" | 2013 Vienna Art Society Spring Show (Jane M Coonce) | First Place

April 2012 | "Morning Glory" | 2012 Vienna Art Society Spring Show (Catherine Hillis) | First Place

December 2011 | elan Magazine | Featured Article

November 2011 | "Angel of Riverside" | 42nd Treasury of Art Show (Jonathan Linton) | First Place

May 2011 | "Magnolias" | Virginia Watercolor Society 32nd Annual Show (Ted Nuttall) | Award of Distinction

November 2010 | "Central Park South" | 41st Treasury of Art Show (William Woodward) | People's Choice Award

November 2010 | "Home Sweet Home" | 41st Treasury of Art Show (William Woodward) | Honorable Mention

May 2010 | "Fruitful" | Virginia Watercolor Society (Gerald Brommer, NWS, AWS) | Award of Distinction, Judy Perry Memorial Award & Pat Lawson Memorial Award

May 2010 | "Bug of the Day" | Vienna Art Society Spring Show (Michael Francis) | Honorable Mention

November 2008 | "Fruitful" | 39th Treasury of Arts Show (Ann Gordon) | People's Choice Award

April - Dec 2008 | "Vienna Elementary School," "Meadowlark Gardens" & "Holiday Time on Church St." | Town of Vienna Calendar (2008) | Featured Artist

August 2005 | "PurePep" | Retro Funk Art Show (Vienna Art Society) | People's Choice Award

November 2004 | "Magnolias" | 34th Treasury of Arts Show (Mary Del Popolo) | Honorable Mention

May 2004 | "Lavender Fields of Provence" | 2004 Spring Show VCC (Rachel Collins, NWS) | Third Place & People's Choice Award

May 2003 | "Pink Flamingoes" | Elan Magazine (page 14) | Featured Artist

November 2003 | "Walking to School" | 33rd Treasury of Arts Show (Stephen B Phillips) | Honorable Mention & People's Choice Award

March 2003 | "Walking to School" | Gold From the Guilds (Arts Council of Fairfax) | Honorable Mention

December 2002 | "Freeman Store" |Vienna Town Calendar| Featured Artist